Building User Feedback from Scratch: Interview with WeSolv Director of Product

5 Introspective Questions for Brittany Canty, Director of Product from WeSolv

1. What are the biggest challenges when having to build user feedback from scratch?

Generally, the hardest part is finding people to talk to when you don’t have a massive base. In addition, we have a two sided marketplace so we need user feedback from both the HR representatives and MBA candidates.

2. If you could get as much user feedback as possible without constraints, what would it look like and why?

I would get lots of qualitative and quantitative feedback using technology.  What people think and say versus what they actually do can be totally different.  But using technology like eye tracking, helps practitioners pinpoint more of those contradictions because you can track things like body language in a much more concrete manner. Without constraints, we could layer both the website and app together to get much more content. Even with ten people, we could focus on getting very diverse feedback.

3. What types of users are you looking to get feedback from?

We are looking for a diverse group of people as far as age, race, technical aptitude and managerial status who just recently graduated from a MBA program.  We want to not only connect them with jobs but also understand their indecision when it comes to what career path to pursue or what experience is recommended for the job they are looking to get.  From a company side, we want to find the recruiters doing the actual work whether they are VP’s, hiring managers or diversity and inclusion leaders.

4. What makes scaling user feedback challenging?

It is hard to be consistent and not over index one persona or another with it.  We are starting from zero so initially I was tapping into my network to get feedback.  Now, we have to keep up that momentum. Once we get to a certain size, we have to start incentivizing people for their time.  We have lots of recruiters reaching out to us, but not a lot of hiring managers.

 5. If you had one piece of advice for startups having to scale user feedback from scratch, what would it be and why?

Utilize your network.  You know more people than you think you do.  They say it takes a village to raise someone, it is the same when building a company.  I thought I exhausted my network but I completely forgot about people from previous companies or other product managers willing to introduce me to their network.  Since that has been most effective, I am pushing my coworkers to look at their network too.

Bridget McMullan