“Upfront Work helped me to see and understand my product through the eyes of the user - guided through tangible short-term goals that fit together to move the idea forward. ”

Quitzé Valenzuela -Stookey, Founder

Leading product development with startup studio


Six months ago, entrepreneur Quitzé Valenzuela-Stookey had an idea: He wanted to protect his expensive glasses without the bulk and ugliness of traditional cases for unencumbered exploring.  But without expertise in product development, how could he approach building his product to sell?

The Challenge

With any new product idea, the difficulty becomes understanding demand, and the necessary resources required to pitch investors. In order to present his idea properly, a tremendous amount of upfront research and clarity was needed. But what are investors looking for when funding early-stage startups?

The solution

Understanding this process is new to Quitzé, we took him through each stage of product discovery.  First, facilitating in the user persona definition and target competition.  Next, we went into industry research learning insights like eyeglass scratching because more common when manufacturers shifted production from glass to hard-resin lenses in the 1970’s.  Learning necessary domain knowledge like this, we utilized different strategy techniques like white space mapping, kano modeling and pricing analysis to determine positioning statement. With relevant research, a product requirements document was initiated to work with manufacturers for quoting. All the while, a professional presentation was created along each phase to finish support with an investor deck ready to pitch.

With the right product development leadership, Quitzé now has the product development tools and resources to scale.