“Truly inspiring insights which triggered a lot of thinking and discussion required to transform our team into problem and product oriented organization. ”

Bartek Kononiuk, Global Senior Manager

Custom product management workshop for scaling global TPM system

Client: MARS (in partnership with general assembly)
Industry: food, technology

The Mars IT team were challenged to design and implement a TPM (trade promotion management) system with the ability to scale globally. In order to successfully implement a monolith system that seamlessly fits across an organization of 80,000 employees, the team wanted to learn different product management best practices to deliver award winning service. But how could this be achieved with only one week to develop and deliver training?

The Challenge

In large corporations, IT departments tend to play reactionary roles to new products and services because of the traditional requirements to meet help-desk demands. With multiple cross-functional teams around the global, the IT team needed to identify unmet needs and actionable solutions all while working with virtual teams and different stakeholders. The biggest struggle became how to tailor traditional product management training to custom TPM needs?

The solution

In partnership with General Assembly, Upfront Work broken out the workshop into four parts with real-life business examples and hands-on activities. The topics covered were product management discovery, execution, processes and techniques. Within discovery, the workshop covered research techniques, problem definition, user interviews and hypothesis testing. Following up with best practices to prioritize, MVP, building and executing roadmaps. Lastly, a review and analysis of waterfall, agile and hybrid development processes to determine ideal fit for department, roles and responsibilities. Utilizing prior examples of TPM solutions and challenges competitors had implementing these systems, the team discovered business needs and solutions to avoid wasting time, money and adding complexity without value.

With a customized product management workshop, Mars IT team has the tools and resources to build and launch a successful TPM solution.